jQuery - webTicker v2.1.1 example

The first ticker is running the default options; whilst the second ticker is using some of the available options; such as having hove-pause diabled and rotating to the right.

As of version 2.1.0 if the browser supports CSS3 transitions; these are used by the ticker else it falls back to jQuery animate as was previously. This should give a better overall performance on all browsers. Note that in addition to the jQuery some CSS is also required, refer to the readme file for more info.

If you're using this ticker for commercial purposes a donation using the below button would be appreciated. Money donated via the below paypal 'buy now' button will be used soely for further development of this plugin, as well as any required support. Note that questions & basic support is given in any case and I do not ask for payment however donations to reflect time saved on your end would be appreciated. The full licence is available here

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